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The association DigiPippi depends on YOUR support to help technology-interested girls start technique, IT and digital platforms.

When you support Digi Pippi:

  • Bakker you technically minded girls up – and take them seriously.
  • ensures you, that there exist conversations, courses and events, that help girls find their place in the technical and digital society.
  • Do you give underprivileged girls the chance to be part of the technological development.

If you want more details, what we stand for, can you read DigiPippis vision – and perhaps statutes of the association.

Are you as excited for the enterprise, who we are, you can support DigiPippi in several different ways.

We need your help, if we are to ensure that girls have a strong role in future technological society. so THANK YOU, because you will support DigiPippi!

Complete the form below and then deposit your support in one of these 4 ways:

  1. Account transfer to our bank Vestjysk Bank: 7602 Kontonr. 1457478
  2. MobilePay to chairwoman Eva Fog: 20 21 51 21
  3. Swipp to chairwoman Eva Fog: 20 21 51 21
  4. PayPal on or below Donate button

Your contact information

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grow membership: 300 kr.
A one-year membership, which runs from 1. September to 31. august. The ordinary membership is for individuals and to vote at general meetings. The amount for ordinary membership shall be determined by each general meeting.

Donation: Amount
at his own request

Donation of an amount, that you or your organization / company chooses, gives the right to be mentioned on ‘They support Digi Pippi'-since, if the amount is 100 kr. or.

What we do with the money?
Overall, the money goes to our work. You. both operating as well as the widgets, buttons and so, are needed to.
This requires much work, to promote understanding and dissemination of girls' interests in tech.
Every penny goes directly to, that we may prepare material, hold workshops, actually getting to and from the workshops, and all the boring (hosting, domain, promotion OTHER ITEMS).

supporting Membership:
50 kr. – or more

A one-year membership, which runs from 1. September to 31. august. A støttemedlemskab is both for individuals, organizations, associations and companies, and it allows NOT to vote at general meetings. By aid of 100 kr. or more, you can choose to go on ‘They support Digi Pippi'Page contains by name.

Child membership
We are committed, creating a community, where girls can come and get answers, be curious and have fun. By, to create a free user, they are automatically part of the community.

To the extent that this is economically viable, covered the board and volunteers expenses participation of the above.
the hope is, that there will be enough money, that we can work with full-time DigiPippi.

With time, our plan also, to support underprivileged girls 15% of all donations.

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